At our facility, located in Hulls Cove (just five minutes outside of downtown Bar Harbor) we welcome motorcoach and group tours - actually, our property is ideal for them! Our large parking lot easily accommodates busses, so bus drivers are able to pull in, park, and unload customers right at the door. As soon as your bus pulls into the parking lot, one of our friendly employees will get on and welcome the group. Upon entering the building, guests will see that our steamer room is fully visible through windows and glass doors, which gives them a front-row seat to our distinctive cooking method. When their lobsters are ready, we serve guests straight from the steamers, so they can be assured they are getting their food the hottest, freshest way possible. Our facility is specifically set-up for the purpose of lobster bakes; both the dining room and steamer room are designed to streamline the flow of customer foot-traffic. While we can accommodate up to 150 people a seating, we consistently offer friendly and efficient service. Bringing your group to Bar Harbor Lobster Bakes gives your customers an authentic feeling for Maine, and an appreciation for our unique culture.

Bar Harbor Lobster Bakes   10 State Highway 3 Bar Harbor, ME 04609, P.O. Box 152 Hulls Cove, Maine 04644   Phone: 207-667-9148  Email Us